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Do not waste your money

They do not respect your parameters of what you put in regards to distance or children or education. In fact most of the people I have received have been outside of my parameters. I have contacted cus…. More

fatalracer21bb - December 3, 2019
This site is horrible

This site is horrible and people are so vulnerable to begin with – they’re looking for a partner, not scam artists and that’s what are!

iparaguay3x - December 3, 2019
I too have been ripped off

I too have been ripped off by the auto renewal which is not made clear, no reminder and price hiked up. I am currently taking legal advice and asking them to escalate the complaint. Also wondering if …. More

allebyalogeku - December 2, 2019
Customer support were HORRID

Customer support were HORRID. Not helpful, not apologetic. I wish this company would close. I think they stock fake profiles with bots in order to keep people active on the site. Beware!!!

libera29 - December 2, 2019
Rubbish dating site

I never now can get any matches at all have adjusted everything but to no avail it’s another rubbish dating site please stay clear. You won’t get your money back either!

labbrino9y - December 1, 2019
A complete waste of time

A complete waste of time and money!

chocarleza - December 1, 2019
They are a complete rip off

They are a complete rip off and people should know what they are like.

agendaheffnn - December 1, 2019
I would give zero if I could.

I would give zero if I could… absolutely useless, don’t even waste your time. Gives you matches 500 miles away, no way of filtering who you’re interested in, no option of searching for local peopl…. More

educ1974dm - December 1, 2019
Ridiculously expensive

Ridiculously expensive for very little in return, and also get tied into long period memberships. Give this site a very wide berth !!!

jowlsr - November 30, 2019
Way way overpriced

Scammers! You will never get any matches and they will try to keep charging you after your membership is over even when you cancel. Way way overpriced. Bad is an understatement horrible is even an und…. More

loisottod9 - November 29, 2019
This site and app has been terrible!

This site and app has been terrible! Their customer service has been no help either. The site continues to match me with people in other states, nowhere near where I actually live, and 90% of the matc…. More

sinful7i - November 28, 2019

Stole money from my bank card after I had cancelled subscription. DO NOT SIGN UP

tipynse - November 28, 2019