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have https is an online dating site that originally launched as a Russian dating app before expanding its reach to connect singles around the world with Eastern European men and women. If this is your interest, we highly recommend you read our full review below, where we look at the site's features, the quality of singles, and the cost to see if this dating site is worth your time.

Anastasia Date – The Bottom Line Up Front

It's hard to put a value on Anastasia Date because even though you can set up a profile and browse for free, almost every feature on this dating site is paid. That being said, one look at the high-quality profiles available on the dating site might make it hard for you to resist the possibility of Anastasia Date.

The good thing is that you have the option of choosing an affordable one-month subscription with 150 credits for $19.99 per month before you consider purchasing additional credits to access additional features. If you are very interested in meeting Eastern European women, Anastasia Date might be a good place to start.

Who Anastasia Date Is Good For

  • Eastern European women looking for a match
  • Those with a strong interest in getting to know Eastern European women
  • Those who don’t mind paying by the minute to chat with a potential match on the site

Who Anastasia Date Might Not Be Best For

  • Those who are not interested in Eastern European women
  • Those who are not keen to pay for a chat with Eastern European women Features Overview

While does not have the most sophisticated interface we have seen on modern dating sites, it is still equipped with a number of interesting features, especially to facilitate communication between both parties. These include email correspondence, live chats and CamShare, which are all chargeable by credits. Considering the possible language differences, translation services are also available on live chats and live calls to ensure your understanding.

Phone Calls

While we usually see live chats and video chats being offered as features on online dating sites, Anastasia Date also offers you an option to make a phone call to simply listen to the voice of the user you’re interested in. The site also provides professional interpreters to assist you in translating your conversations in order to overcome the possible language barrier, although you may need to place a reservation at least 24 hours before the call to confirm the availability of your interpreter. Such calls will require a deposit of 100 credits in advance for a minimum talk time of 10 minutes, and every subsequent minute requires 10 more credits.


CamShare is a two-way webcam functionality. That allows you to see the other party in real-time. As they chat with you. Do note that this feature does not come with sound. Hence there is no need for an interpreter to intrude on your conversation with the other party. Your live chats will be automatically translate by. The platform to allow you to continue. The conversation in text messages seamlessly. While looking at your match. Each minute of CamShare will require 6 credits.


Live streaming is also available on Anastasia Date under its Broadcasts section, which you can access for free. You can click on any profile. That catches your eye in this section to join in their live streaming session. Interact with them and get to know these users better. You are also encourage to send these streamers virtual gifts to catch their attention, although. This would mean more credits are require.

How to Sign Up at AnastasiaDate.Com

Signing up for Anastasia Date is relatively simple and takes less than 1 minute. First, make sure you are accessing the correct site, rather than any other variations of it. Subsequently, fill in your personal details, including your gender and gender preference. Name, email address and password you wish to set for your profile. Once you click to submit. You will be brought to the site with a full page of profiles present to you.

Before you begin browsing, however, it would be useful for you to set up your profile. Upload up to 4 of your photos and set your basic preferences in age height. And if they have any children, so that their Super match Algorithm is able to refine the potential matches present to you.


  • Business
  • Mobile Number+1 (800) 356-3130
  • Email
  • Website
  • Address551 5th Avenue, 28th Floor, New York, NY 10176-2901

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AnastasiaDate com a legit site?

The right dating service for you will feel like home – so make sure to take your time when looking for it. AnastasiaDate stands out from the rest due to its vast database of beautiful singles. So if you're serious about finding love and don't mind spending a little extra money, it is definitely worth checking out!

Is AnastasiaDate free?

For example, AnastasiaDate has a free signup option, which is great for people who want a chance to explore a bit before making a commitment. In general, these sites range from $19.99 to $49.95 per month for a premium membership, although they often run special discounts and offers throughout the year.

How does AnastasiaDate work?

AnastasiaDate is one of the largest international dating services. Users can register for an account on the internet or through its mobile app. The site features various communication services such as email correspondence, live chat and video chat. Women access the site through a Ukrainian portal,

Does AnastasiaDate work?

AnastasiaDate has a rating of 3.89 stars from 1,263 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with AnastasiaDate most frequently mention good luck, customer service, and beautiful women. AnastasiaDate ranks 1st among International Dating sites.

Does AnastasiaDate pay the girls?

Anastasiadate does not pay the women directly. They pay agencies in Ukraine. Then the agencies pay the women.

Which dating site is for real?

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  • Terrible site! Full of creepy older men and I think the younger profiles are fake or belong to people who are no longer subscribed! Only signed up for one month and wish I hadn’t bothered. Save your money

  • Paying is easy but try and cancel your subscribtion is near on impossible as As soon as you try the app locks up.Keep away from it

  • It was ok most of the guys are fake. Not what they say they are but thatbisbwirh any dating site. Metbsome men thatvwrre real over this dating on line crap

  • I was able to meet a few people that were great but we didn’t connect. But there was that special someone that I clicked with 3 weeks ago and its going great! I’d recommend this website to my friends

  • I have been trying to cancel my membership one week after I had got it. I wrote to them never heard from them and have been paying for 8 mths, also they say the membership is 20 dollars but charge you 50 a mth. I have never known such bad customer service and there are hardly any people to choose from. Join tinder instead they don’t charge you as much and there are plenty of people to choose from.

  • This is a scam, I was given a hit about ten minutes after I posted my picture, we had a conversation and exchanged views, it looked as though we were getting on and were arranging to meet up…however the following day all our correspondence was deleted and I was informed that I had used up my time and it was obvious thar if I wished to continue it was going to cost…this is a scam, I think the person I was corresponding with didn’t exist and it was a come on to get me to subscribe. I’m glad i didn’t sink any cash into it.

  • Total waste of time and money. All computer generated messages fake. No genuine people here. Just a money extracting website, stay away.

  • Its gives you poor matches and doesn’t give you the chance to search. You just have to accept what matches they give you. From the start, the autorenew facility is switched on and no warning is given in advance so it automatically renews after 6 months and there is no right to cancel. The first thing I would so is go in and turn off autorenew. Saying that, there are better sites that do allow you to search.

  • I’ve been trying to cancel my account and it won’t take my password, trying to reset it and it tells me it’s incorrect. The call center is supposedly temporaily closed down. I have a new debit card and credit card number so I’m sure. They won’t be will be able to charge my account.

  • This site is awful……I think that every profile is fake. I run the pics on Google Images and 99% of the time it’s a model or a stock photo taken from an ad or a pic stolen from Pinterest. It’s really discouraging and a big waste of time.

  • I could never get a response from this site about getting a partial refund, so I turned to American Express, which got my money back. And then they sent me messages saying they were waiting for payment from me! Why hadn’t I paid! So poorly run, one hand doesn’t know what other is doing.

  • A lot of bots, fake profiles, & scammers. I’ve never met a single real person on this app. You’ll get an alert every seconds, someone liked you but that person never viewed your profile before liking you. Then you keep wondering how’s that even possible. When someone sent me a message, I was like yes finally a real person, then someone else sent me the same exact message format, then I realized it was A.I randomly sending me messages from random users I check earlier.

  • This is by far the worst app. They charge you a monthly fee, they give you 10 credits which they do not tell you, once you’ve used those credits, you have to purchase more, and most “people” on there are FAKE, very robotic response. They keep contacting you so you use all your credits and make you purchase more… this app should be band

  • Hidden day subscriptions 🙁 I think it’s terrible service that they advertise a 1 day boost as £2.99, when infact it renews and charges every day after until cancelled, didn’t find out till I got my bank statement, not fair on the user and puts me off using this site going forward. 🙁Clearly trying to fool people into an ongoing subscription. Very shady.