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Rating: 2.3 It's a great feeling when you know what you want from a man or woman. And for many single people in the US, Asia, and the world, it's something Asian. But that great feeling of knowing what you want can be lost if you have trouble finding it!

Fortunately, for singles looking for there is an option that can help - AsianDate. Asian-Date is an online dating app with over 15 million singles, verified profiles that has been around since the early 1990s.

But is AsianDate worth it? Is it a great place to find singles or is it a huge waste of time? Well, we wanted to answer these questions (and more). Below you will find our collection of information and the results of our AsianDate reviews. Our team shares their honest opinions, research and findings to help you decide whether or not this is the right choice for you.


AsianDate – The Bottom Line Up Front

We have a slightly different take on AsianDate than the company website. AsianDate claims an 80% success rate and 6,000 international marriages as a result of this app. But we see it more as a casual dating service, albeit a niche one.

If you've read some of our other reviews on Healthy Framework, you may have noticed a pattern with dating apps focused on marriage or committed relationships. Services aimed at building long-term relationships tend to have a full sign-up process. New users create detailed profiles and take some version of the compatibility test. However, this is not the case with You can be up and running in less than five minutes.

So, while you'll have access to thousands of Asian singles, you won't benefit from a proprietary algorithm that will narrow down the net to just a few top choices. There is an element of compatibility, but it is based on simple input.

Does this mean that Asia-Date is worth it? It is up to you to decide based on what you are looking for. Yes, long-term commitments are possible, but it will require building contacts in the community.


AsianDate.Com Features Overview

You’ll find that AsianDate relies on four primary features to interact with other singles – virtual letters, live chats, shared cameras, and phone calls.

Instead of a typical membership-based dating website or app, AsianDate is credit-based. That means each feature has a price tag and the amount you spend depends on how often or how long you take advantage of a particular service.

For example, offers live chats, shared cameras, and Letters starting at one credit per minute or ten credits per Letter.


Love Notes

AsianDate doesn’t offer many free services, but Love Notes are one of them. Love Notes are the ultimate ice breaker, letting someone know you’re interested or at least intrigued. All you have to do is click the Love Note, pick out a virtual greeting card, and they’ll get the message.

You can only send one Love Note to a particular member, though. That may seem constrictive, but it’s helpful if you’re on the receiving end and aren’t interested.



In today’s world, we all know that letters are primarily virtual, just as Letters are within the AsianDate community. It sounds nice, though, doesn’t it?

Letters is AsianDate’s designation for online written communication – i.e., texts and emails. Whereas Love Notes just opens the door, Letters allow you to express yourself and provide a more personal introduction.

Let’s Mingle -

Are you in a time crunch? Instead of writing one Letter after another, you can use the Let’s Mingle feature and message many singles at once.

Live Chat -

It’s pretty self-explanatory, as the Live Chat feature is relatively standard in most dating apps. If the person you’re interested in is online, you can instant message back and forth in real-time. Live Chats are the most inexpensive feature of all AsianDate services.


Phone Calls

If you’re looking for something a little more personal than a Live Chat but not as intimate as a Camera Share, then a Phone Call is ideal. You get to hear the other person’s voice and can take advantage of an interpreter if needed. The downside to Phone Calls is that you need to schedule yours at least 24 hours in advance.

Camera Share -

The Cam Share feature costs about six times more than Live Chat, but it’s more personal and one of AsianDate’s users’ favorite features. Cam shares are privately facilitated through the app.

Private Photos and Videos -

While you can see other singles’ profile photos, the Private Photos and Videos feature is on-demand. If you’ve connected with someone (or many others), you can ask them to send you photos or videos for your eyes only (or vice versa).


The Gifts feature might be one of the best provided by AsianDate and one that you won’t find in too many other dating services. Gifts aren’t just virtual expressions, although they’re available, too. You can use your credits to send actual flowers or gifts to other AsianDate singles. That might make an impression!

Whether you consider this a pro or con, AsianDate registration is as quick and easy as it gets. You briefly introduce your occupation, hobbies, height, weight, hair and eye colors, etc., and can upload up to four photos to build your profile.

Then, you indicate what you’re hoping to gain through your AsianDate participation. That means, do you want something casual or serious? What are you looking for in a match? And that’s not a detailed request list, either. AsianDate just asks for the basics – height, weight, preference on children, and that’s about it. Once your form is complete, you look around for free or purchase some credits and start getting serious.


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  • Address551 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017, United States

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Ensure User Safety? employs a rigorous verification process for all profiles, minimizing the risk of fraudulent accounts. Additionally, the platform offers safety tips to guide users in their online interactions.

Can I Connect with Singles from Specific Asian Countries?

Absolutely! features an extensive network of singles from various Asian countries, allowing you to connect with individuals who pique your interest.

What Communication Tools Does the Platform Provide?

The platform offers diverse communication tools, including instant messaging, video chat, and even virtual gifting, ensuring you can connect in ways that suit your preferences.

How Do I Make the Most of Virtual Dating?

Virtual dating on encourages creativity. Plan virtual movie nights, cooking sessions, or even language exchange activities to make your online dates memorable.

Are Success Stories on Genuine?

Yes, the success stories shared on the platform are genuine and heartfelt experiences of individuals who found love through's services.

How Can I Get Started on

Getting started is simple. Create an account, complete your profile, and start exploring profiles of potential matches. Engage in conversations, utilize the platform's features, and embrace the journey of cross-cultural connection.

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  • The website has plenty of profiles but I can only get overweight and unattractive women to contact me. I have always been a good looking guy with an athletic body. I can see several women look at my profile daily but not one message. I’m beginning to wonder if the profiles are even real or active. Maybe the views are done by computer.

  • A friend suggested this website. I went on a single date with several men, without connection. Then I met the Yin to my Yang and I knew he felt the same.

  • Matthew and i have been going strong for almost three months now and i couldn’t have asked for the most amazing guy ever! We started talking the beginning for December of 2020 and met on new years ever. We have been together ever since and are very happy.

  • Cancelled my subscription, tried to contact to complain as still taking my money, £2.99 a day and its coming out even though I have no use of my account, not replying to any messages on the chat or messaging service and no direct number to get hold of any one, absolute scam

  • I just got banned because of unknown “innapropiate and abusive behaviour” I have never abussed or harassed anyone, so this feels more like people are falsely reporting me. The only negative thing I’ve ever done is unmatching someone. This is a company with unfair arbitraty practices to discriminate users.

  • I cannot cancel my membership, and being billed. Others are too. Customer service and contacts do not answer. They billed my even though I requested cancellation. I cannot cancel, there is no option. Customer Service do not respond.

  • It’s total fraud. Dont waste your money and time as i did for experiment… rather search for real around your. All sites are fake with automated reply… or some one is replying with fake profile… i could gave negative rating… but it’s not avialable… it’s just a trap to get money… and empty your pocket

  • I would give this company 0 if it was an option. Please DO NOT use this website. You pay way over the odds for a service that’s extremely poor. Match provide a far better service for about a quarter of the cost. This company also takes money without your permission and they don’t tell you about it and then refuse to pay it back.

  • I have had over £209 taken out of my account and I have not authorised this. My membership says 6mths to. 21.12.21. I cannot afford this, I cannot get hold of anyone to talk to. My friend overseas was catfished by someone on this site and he still operates even though this site is aware of him. I will be taking this further. Not happy.

  • I really wonder if there are any live bodies behind the portraits posted on this site. Few ever respond, although I’ve gotten a number of the scam emails trying to elicit a private email address and/or phone number. There is simply very little interaction with the “players,” which leads me to believe that members are simply cruising. Try Senior Match instead.

  • It’s by far the worst dating site I have ever encountered. I was very unhappy the first time I joined it but decided to give it another go as it still gets stellar reviews online. They ask you lots of questions about your preferences for the potential matches but don’t be fooled. They completely disregard your preferences over and over again.

  • Full of fake accounts was looking to possibly get in touch with people in Russia and make some friends but full of fake accounts and not worth paying for better account

  • Thank God I didn’t waste money on this crap. I don’t think there was one real person, anyone with half a brain would see it is fake within seconds.