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Love Compatibility Chart – How Does It Work?

Do you know what a love compatibility chart is? Have you ever used a love chart to calculate your love? Do you believe that a love compatibility chart is truly showing you the percentage of love between you and your partner? Do you believe in astrology?

A love compatibility chart uses astrology to decide the percentage of love between you and your partner from a dating website. The degree of accuracy of these charts varies significantly. In general, a lot of people believe in astrology. This article will discuss a few points pertaining to the use of love compatibility software. This will help you to decide whether to use it or not.

Point 1: It Requires You to Submit Your Details

All love compatibility charts require you to enter some sort of information; usually the birth dates of you and your partner. The reason why the birth dates are the commonly used type of information is that a person’s astrology is heavily based upon the time of his/her birth (Astrology uses the theory that a person’s life is based upon destiny, which is decided at the time of birth). Alternatively, some love compatibility charts may use names to calculate love compatibility.

Point 2: Calculation of the zodiac signs and/or arrangement of planets

When you have entered the required information, software follows an algorithm to determine your partner’s and your zodiac signs and/or the arrangement of planets at the time of birth. Bear in mind that there is no universally accepted means to determine the zodiac sign or the arrangement of planets. It all depends on the person who programs the software.

Point 3: Compares the zodiac signs and/or the arrangement of planets

When the software has calculated the zodiac signs and/or arrangement of planets, it proceeds to compare the zodiac signs and/or planets with each other. The software follows an algorithm to make this comparison. As aforementioned, the accuracy of the software solely depends upon the person who designed the algorithm.

Point 4: Displaying of Results

The love compatibility chart then gives you the result of the test. Usually, the zodiac signs and/or the planet arrangements are displayed and an explanation is given as to how these zodiac signs and/or planet arrangements relate to each other’s love. The explanation given is also pre-written; the software merely follows an algorithm to find the explanation which is most compatible with the results.

Some software only gives an overall explanation of how compatible your partner and you are, while other software gives an explanation on various aspects of life and allows you to decide the compatibility. For example, the explanation may say that you two will understand each other, but you two have different interests.

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Point 5: Beware of Fake Software

As explained above, the accuracy of a love compatibility chart largely depends upon the person from  who designed it. Therefore you should decide which software should use. However, refrain from using software that gives random results. Such software isn’t based on astrology. A simple way to find out fake software is to repeat the test with the same information. If the result is different, then the software is phony.

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