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It seems like the website has hundreds of woman but I’ve found out most of them are not real of the website. So be aware that anytime you may have to pay to communicate with fake women. It is not a trustful dating site at all. I want to share this with other people so they do not lose their money in the scam site. You will 100 % lose your money with fake women once you’ve joined the website. Remember they are not real. You are communicating and correspondent with fake women. Their staffs are replying all the letters from their male members in their office. They are all good story makers. Also their employees does the all chatting with male members in their office. Male members may think they are chatting with real girls but it is not true at all. The most of girls of the website are not real. If any, they almost can’t speak English. So they can not do chatting with male members in English so fluently because their English is very limited. Finally they won’t give you any girl’s contact details after all. They say they would but it is also not true at all. It means you never meet any girls in person through the website even if you’ve already spent some money to do that. I understand quite a few people has already taken in the scam dating site but I can’t believe this cheating site is still going on. How many more people has to be taken in further on this scam site ?

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