The Dictatorship of Beauty and “Feeling”

What is human beauty?

Dictatorship of Beauty Have we always been guided by the same canons? Why, in general terms, is it difficult for us to know how to age? Why do more doors open to people with beauty and love? does a pretty baby get more attention than a not-so-pretty one? are so many people not comfortable with their bodies? are eating disorders affecting more and more people?

Have we stopped to think about triptogether what makes us programmed to not fully approve of our physical appearance? Yes, surely advertising is the main responsible for offering us what we want to consume. But of course, advertising pursues, in economic terms, precisely this: to show what people are supposed to want to see… Seen this way, it seems that we are in a kind of vicious circle from which we cannot get out… But, once moreover, the answer lies in the overloaded and undervalued education. We must educate our minors and re-educate our elders so that we have a critical vision of all the audiovisual material that we consume and, little by little, widen the narrow vision that we often have about what human beauty is.

Human Beauty

must go beyond measurements, features, height and weight, an age group, the color of skin, hair or eyes… Beauty is and must be seen as a whole. Because physical beauty is ephemeral but beauty in capital letters, the one that values ​​the person as a whole, not only does not disappear but can grow over time. Experience makes us wiser and wisdom is also beauty. And there is no stronger connection than the one that is based on elements that are not perishable, aspects that are not seen with the naked eye and that make up everything that a person really is.

We often fall into the mistake of reducing the “feeling” to merely physical beauty and, automatically, we approach people who may either reject us or may have little to offer us and may even not arouse this affective-sexual connection in us. of unknown formula. In the same way, they distance us from people with whom we could establish a much deeper connection, just because some physical element does not adapt to our expectations, often based on social prejudices: the man must be taller than the woman, the woman It must be younger, the man must be strong, the woman must be feminine, a few extra kilos are not welcome, bald people better not…

The Dictatorship of Beauty and “Feeling”

So, how can we escape this dictatorship of beauty and open ourselves to connect with the real beauty of people, which is often the one that cannot be seen with the naked eye? We have tried to summarize it like this:

1) Accept and love ourselves for who we are as a whole .

outside and inside. Highlight what we like about ourselves and relativize what we don’t like so much. This point is not at odds with taking care of ourselves to feel better about ourselves, obviously.

2) Review what we understand by beauty. – Dictatorship of Beauty

Beautiful eyes do not always have to be big, they can be small and expressive; sensual lips should not always be fleshy, they can be small and sweet; attractive hands should not always be big and stylized, they can be small and soft…

3) Be realistic and lower expectations .

The model or the model of the advertising poster is not an option. Pretending that wrinkles do not make an appearance after a certain age, systematically rejecting gray hair and baldness, either… Let’s not confuse this lowering of expectations with being with someone who is not attractive to us. It has to do with finding someone attractive because we have opened ourselves to discovering them in their entirety and regardless of the prejudices we may have.

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4) Value people based on how we feel about them. – Dictatorship of Beauty

The connection or feeling rarely appears at first sight. We must approach, smell, touch, feel…

5) Devote time and effort to establish the link.

Every relationship requires the formation of a bond and this is not created. Immediately or without dedication. This “effort” has nothing to do with being forced. But with opening up to the other. It has to do with giving the best of oneself, with listening. Being interested in the other person, sharing… And all this means opening up to communicate, an essential part of human relationships that today we are sacrificing based on WhatsApp and emoticons. … But this would be another topic.

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